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Insulated Curtains and Window Shades for Any Decor

Have you passed a window in your home on a cold afternoon and known your home was losing heat?

Have you felt a convection draft caused by warm inside air hitting a cold window pane?

Do your windows let in summer heat through air leaks or radiation?

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Welcome to Cozy Curtains and the Warm Window® System

  • Warm Windows® are unique, insulated shades using a magnetic sealing edge for extra protection and a tight fit.
  • The Warm Window® system controls drafts and takes care of convection and radiation problems, making your windows more energy efficient.
  • The unique 4-layer insulated fabric of the shades increases the R-value of your single pane windows to 7.69 and double pane windows to 8.69-more than three times that of most windows.
  • You’ll discover the advantages of unique privacy control and sound-deadening qualities by using Warm Window® thermal shades.

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