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Best Pay-per-install affiliate programs on the net. Earn money with any traffic, these ActiveX affiliates will convert anything and make you rich. Payments are up to $1.50 per install. You usualy distribute installation of toolbar and making cash. You can also make loads of money with content sites such are movies, games, mp3 and protect your content with Content Gateways which are paying most, to unlock the content user needs to install simple adware application and than he can get content for free.
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1 Cinstaller
3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
Rating 9
Votes 3
19 th Nov 2013
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2.2 android adb interface driver download bootloader interface driver htc drivers windows xp
CInstaller is a PPI (Pay Per Install) affiliate network. You are paid for every install generated by your website/software traffic.
They help their affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website or social traffic. This company provides a lot of optimized, high converting software products, landing pages and promo stuff.

With CInstaller high customizable installer you can make money from each installation of your free SW or even freeware database.
Their monetizing tools are significantly increasing revenue from website or social media traffic.

CInstaller is constantly working with their business partners to provide highest payouts for our affiliates. In CInstaller afiliate program Fixed Rate (fixed price per install) is set as default and is preferred for most affiliates. However, on a request we can switch your account to Rev Share (revenue share) model. Revenue Share pricing model can be more profitable than Fixed Prices for users who has a lot of traffic from low paying countries.

Their automatic payment cycle is biweekly. Money earned from 1-15 will be paid at 16th and money earned 16-31 will be paid 1st of next month. If 1st and 16th are not a business day, then payout will be send on the following business day. However, if you reach your declared minimum, you can request payment manually in this case your earnings will be paid within next 2 business days.

You would get paid via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Wester Union or Bitcoin. All accounts will be paid in US dollars ($US) unless otherwise specified. Minimum payment is only 100$ for wire and WU for the rest 1$.
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2 Install Monetizer
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Install Monetizer
Rating 7.31
Votes 26
18 th Jan 2011
InstallMonetizer lets you make money with installs. If you are software developer than you can bundle their EXE and make your SW developing work profitable. Their advertisers are well known names like Bing or Real Player and others slowly are added.

Now also content owners can make money... If you have wallpaper site, or Font or eBooks or something else downloadable than you can tell Installmonetizer during signup that you like to use their content wrapper and provide the URL where is your content. And you can also ask to promote some of their SW like Games or Utilities... than ask for biginstall. Than you would be carefully reviewed and eventually accepted. Make sure you are honest and ready to monetize your SW, content or their tools, games.

They pay up to $1.5 per install. This is why are all new publishers of InstallMonetizer carefully reviewed. There are NET30 payment terms and minimum pamynet is $100. Payment is sent via Paypal, Webmoney, Payoneer Check or bank wire.
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3 PerInstallCash
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Rating 7.32
Votes 22
9 th Jul 2011
PerInstallCash is a pay per install affiliate network that have been working since 2011. They pay up to $2 per install and 10% from referral earnings. All countries are accepted.

PerInstallCash can convert almost any content type such is movie, mp3, download, youtube, software, facebook, adult and any other types of traffic. Just go to the promo section and select your traffic type to see appropriate promos.

Their features: file downloader, bundling your exe, video locker, common locker, direct links to exe, link protector with 100 % traffic back, embedded video player, adult video player, ability to change name of downloaded file, automatic addition of download button to every embedded youtube video, download buttons for your sites, common banners and landing pages. Other features and improvements are added slowly.

Payments are available by request with 30 days payment hold, for publishers with huge amounts of installs they decrease it to 15 days. Payment minimum is $10 (paypal, webmoney, epese, epayments) and $150 for wire.
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4 TotemCash
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Rating 10
Votes 1
15 th Jul 2013
TotemCash is not typical PPI company but it has close to it. Totem Cash is also SW developer and you can see its famous desktop strippers everywhere.
So basically in order to make money you need to make people install these unique apps.
TotemCash is the only affiliate program on the web offering Desktop Strippers. Desktop Strippers are a non-compete upsell that complements your site and are not affected by the free porn everywhere. With payouts going back to 1998, TotemCash is a name you can trust.
There are 3 main products:
  • VirtuaGirl - free desktop strippers
  • DeskBabes - sex on your desktop
  • VirtuaGuy - guy strippers
There are several promo tools: including statyc, dynamic banners, different feeds and lots of downloadable content. You can even get complete websites with content which you can customize get traffic and start making money. As Totem Cash is here 17 years all these marketing tools are very well optimized and eye catching.

The best traffic for converting are wallpaper sites, softcore or free content websites.
New models are added regularly so there is always fresh content.

There are several billing companies so if someone wants to pay than he/she will get all payment options.

TotemCash has also Marketing training materials and teach you how to create Wordpress blog with usage of their RSS feeds and many more things. So they provide you with all know how from getting content, generating traffic to generate money.

And lastly you can check other webmaster stats once you join and you can see what are the average conversion and earnings. (you will not see from which websites or what source country or what type of traffic) but you can make picture yourself.

Your commissions are paid out bi-monthly either by check, wire, payoneer or paxum.
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Category: | Pay Per Install |
5 PureBits
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Rating 9.33
Votes 3
19 th Nov 2013
PureBits let you make money with CPA, PPD or PPI. Pay Per Install option was added recently and You can sign up with their PPI services and their team will make sure that everything goes smooth and perfect.
Purebits team will always guide you throughout the process of building your PPI program, so that you can get the most out of their affiliate program.
With PureBits PPI model you can use 3 ways to make money:

Setup Builder simply add information about your exe and this tool would generate for you setup file that earn money with each installation of the tool.
JS Integration you can easily use simple JavaScript Integration Tool to change all Downloads from your website into installers. You will have to add JavaScript into your webpage Header and it will automatically make installers from your downloads to earn revenue.

PPD money making options:

File Locker file locker allows you to upload a file using PureBits platform and gives you a link to the locked file. You can upload your premium files such as apps, music, downloads, ebooks, passwords, guides, games ,etc. When a user wants to get your file using the link provided for you, he has to complete an incentive offer in order to gain access to it. Upon completion of the offer, you get paid and the resource becomes accessible to the user automatically.
Link Locker it is similar to file locker with difference that you dont have to upload the file to their site but you just hide the link which is shown to user after completing short survey or taking some other action.
Widget this is content locking feature. If you have content on your website that needs to be locked than the content is shown in the background but covered by this customized widget. After some action is performed the content is fully shown.
Video, Audio Locker there are special lockers for music and video files Music locker can help to make artists easy money.

CPA incentive and non-incentive offers:
PureBits has also classic CPA program which contains beside standard offers also Adult offers and Mobile offers.
There are also features like Offers API, PostBack, MutiGEO URL or Offer Wall. So there is option for any kind of traffic, content, user base, niche.

Payment terms:
After 3 months of well provided traffic you would reach NET7 and after 4 months once you make over 200$ you would get paid every 2 weeks. Payments are sent via Payoneer, Paypal or bank wire and minimum payment is $50. There are some other criteria for payment so please check their website.

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manager for android apk

samsung android driver free

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6 Installaxy
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Rating 9
Votes 2
19 th Nov 2013
Installaxy is a Pay-Per-Install network that successfully manages to monetize any website traffic. Installaxy goal is to make sure that you earn the most when using their tools. They are going to help you achieve all your goals and their team would be right behind you, pushing you and helping you to overcome any obstacles you might encounter! Choose from a wide selection of methods and tools including content locker, banners, bundling your software with their installer, or promoting their software along with the installer.

Installaxy is adding new software and right now they have VidN Player which is very small and efficient movie player. Install rates are not high but as you can bundle you might combine more products. With Installaxy you can make average 0.80$ per US install. Beside bundling there is also content locker which we know from Zango or Pinballpublisher so you can monetize very well your movie website by locking your movie or other unique content.
There are also classic banners leading to SW download or "download" buttons that you can place under your movies. And Installaxy has also solution for mobile traffic. So any mobile traffic is redirected and some of partnered CPA offers is shown to mobile users.
Network has more than 3000 publishers pays NET-7 and minimum payment is from $10 and payment is via Paypal, Payoneer or Bank wire.
Recommend it! 
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Category: | Pay Per Install |
7 InstallMania
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Rating 8

code file android

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mx player for android mobile
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5233 adb driver xp adb driver for windows 7 samsung driver vista

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Votes 1
19 th Nov 2013
InstallMania is PPI which is willing to pay high amounts of money for DOWNLOAD traffic. Any download portals with huge list of SW are welcome to join.

* Amazing eCPM up to 100$ US traffic
* US rate per one install up to $3.28
* GB up to $2.02
* FR up to $1.61
* India up to $0.15

They are accepting traffic from all countries of the world!
* Install Ratio is up to 20%.
Rates for installs are dynamic and depends on the quality of download traffic.

Publishers will be provided with almost 1 million of keywords and download buttons. So you can simply build your content of download portal.

Try them and get paid for 2 days without hold!

Minimal payouts are:
Webmoney $1
Epese $1
epayments $1
Paypal $300
Wire $1k

Payment term is NET15.
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8 InstallMonster
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Rating 8
Votes 1
19 th Nov 2013
InstallMonster PPI is operated by Russian owner and its webpages and technical support is provided also in English. The owner is presented also on Linked in and does not hide anything. So I consider this PPI as transparent and honest network. It is interesting that earnings are calculated in Rubles.

Network average CPM is $40 per 1000 launches.
If you have your own web-site and you want to earn money on it, all you need to do is to change the links on your site to InstallMonster, generated in a proper way. Afterwards, additional components will be offered for installation and each install will be paid at 80% rate from the advertisers payment! Their team analyzes each advertisers offer and does not allow any malware in the system.

InstallMonster would provide you with special link codes and PHP code that you would insert into your website. You can get also javascript code or WordPress plugin. And if you have some unused domain names than you can use domain parking name servers and generate income by this channel.

I can see that it is possible to get extra bonuses on top of your earnings and you would see in the stats how much is your base pay and how much are bonuses.
As I understand payments can be sent daily if Webmoney payment is used There is option to be paid via paypal but in that case contact AM to set this for you. Than Paypal has NET 30 terms but I assume that can be negotiated also.
During setup you would be asked to enter Webmoney purse (WMR) so you can put there something like R932837482372 and notify the AM later on to change it to Paypal.

You can work with InstallMonster also as Advertiser and you would receive following services if you use their PPI model:

- browser extensions
- your URL as a homepage
- your browser as default browser
- any software for ?S Windows
- banner advertisement in their installer
- the banner is shown on the last stage of the installer and fully covers users attention
- Installation cost starts from $0.03
- Over 4000 webmasters
As advertiser you can choose the targeting by GEO, Browser, Category,
Recommend it! 
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Driver usb driver windows 7 driver para usb adb driver
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Bit adb interface driver windows 7 1.0 driver samsung galaxy nexus driver free
Xp google usb driver alcatel driver 1.0 driver incredible
Category: | Pay Per Install |
9 AdWorkMedia
4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Rating 7.4
Votes 5
15 th Jul 2013
AdWork Media is CPA network being on the market already some year now. They developed their own custom publisher engine so you get different publisher dashboard than you can see in other networks.

AdWorkMedia is great in monetizing content websites, links leading to good content or downloadable SW, AdWork has also options for mobile traffic. This is the list of marketing tools they are providing: Gateway Manager (Content Lockers), Link Locker Manager, Product Locker Manager, Smart Link Manager or Banner Rotator Manager.

To help you optimize your campain you will be provided with several tracking tools like post back, pixel tracking, email notifications or API services. They have plugin for Wordpres or desktop application showing you your earnings/stats and more. Site is often updated so you get always something new plus you get support and of course you get payment.

Payment term is NET30 and is sent via Paypal, Payza, Check, WU, bank wire. You get paif once you make over $35. But the most interesting are better payment terms for publishers making over $3000 per week, those can get payments NET7. If you make $500 per month which should not be complicated than you can request for NET15 payments.
Recommend it! 
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10 CPALead
5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Rating 6.36
Votes 11
2 nd Jul 2008
CPALead is very good alternative to other PPI programs which are used for your content protection. CPALead has the similar function. You can protect your content with them very easy. Their gateway will give option to the visitor complete some offers (survey, email submit, ...) and if they complete them you get paid at least $1. This way you can make much more than some other pay per install program using similar content protection gateways.

There are all the time new offers added to program so also repeating visitors are counted and also visitors from all world so you can convert any traffic and repetitive traffic also.

Payments are sent via Paypal or Check and minimum payment is $100 which should be very easy to reach.

There are strict rules by CPALead and one of them applies for most of other affiliate programs. You must have top level domain name like www.domain.com. Without this do not bother to signup because this shows you have no experience in business and you would not be accepted by CPALead staff anyway. You can get domain for less than $9 per year...
Recommend it! 
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