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Gary J. Wolff
(in Tokyo, Japan)

Welcome to, which since Sept. 2009 has been the new homepage and cyber parking spot for Gary Joe Wolff, a Tokyo-based corporate trainer, adjunct professor, and model/actor. This website started out as an intention to start some sort of online business, but I spent literally months searching for profitable keywords and trying in vain to figure out my niche. Not a clue.

So instead I decided to just renovate my original 18-year-old website, Gary Joe Wolff (in Japan), (which I have borrowed some content from as I've populated this site), but this time doing it right, in a way which provides greater value to the visitor and catches the attention of search engine spiders.

Why Japan?

My answer to the latter is easy, and for several reasons. 

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Here's my Top Ten List on why I like living in Japan:

1) The friendly Japanese people (who always laugh at my old man's gag jokes)

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7) Over 2000 onsen (hot springs), YAY!

9) The karaoke culture (I LOVE singing.)

During the past few school years, we've done an exciting class project on what Japanese university students think about 16 various countries around the world. Please have a look-see when you get a chance.

One final note. After the March 11, 2011 strongest ever Japan earthquake & tsunami and ensuing nuclear crisis, because I was home at the time and never lost my internet connection, in order to keep my stateside friends & family informed about the latest developments, I started blogging immediately. Over the course of the next 101 days after the triple disaster, I had posted 467 news updates.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new Gary J. Wolff website and I'd like to thank you for stopping by.  If you'd care to leave a comment at the bottom of this page, it'd be great to hear from ya. 

Take care & thanks again,
Gary J. Wolff

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What Japanese University Students Think About...?

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