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The online solution for your fantasy football entry fees

Multiple payment options, and optional league approval for payouts.

  • Secure Your Funds all season
  • Set up your league in two minutes
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  • Collect Entry Fees

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    Make payments by
    credit/debit card and e-check

  • Safeguard League Funds

    LeagueSafe secures league
    funds throughout the season

  • Authorize Payouts

    Voting options to approve
    end-of-season payouts

  • Withdraw Winnings

    Winnings available within hours
    of the end of the season


“Pity the poor fantasy football league commissioner.

LeagueSafe is the answer to the prayers of disgruntled fantasy commissioners

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FSTA Winner 2008FSTA Winner 2011

Two-time winner of "Most Innovative Fantasy Product" FSTA award

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