Iraqi Social Forum (ISF)

Another Iraq is Possible with Peace, Human Rights, and Social Justice

Many Iraqi individuals and organizations have contributed to the World Social Forum Movement and to the Forum’s work since its establishment in 2001. Now, to support the vital, on-going expansion of social justice movements in Iraq, members of the Forum Working Group are organizing to establish an Iraqi Social Forum that will be an open space for movements, organizations, and individuals, who believe in the principles of social justice and human rights as universal concepts, to gather together in Iraq.

We who are working for an Iraqi civil state reject ambiguous relationships between religion or religious institutions and the state. We support separation of religion and the state.

Iraq will protect individuals’ freedom of religion, thought, and belief according to the principles of full equality and non-discrimination by sectarian membership, race, color, or sex. All Iraq’s citizens will enjoy their freedom, and the public interest will benefit from social justice that will be real and not merely a slogan.

 The primary date for the ISF is set for the 26th of September 2013 it will last or 2-3 days and will be held in Baghdad 

Principles and Values of the Forum

Call for International Participation  with access to extended participation form

The International Solidarity Committee For The Iraqi    and meetings

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