Education Protests in June 2012

We are Everywhere!

The following is an overview of activities linked to our worldwide struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education during June 2012. It underlines the global nature of the struggle against symptoms of the currently dominating economic system, which unleashes its forces on all continents. Therefore the need to connect around the world to counter these developments and fight for a different education together is self-evident. Groups and activists worldwide are currently coordinating the first GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE (Oct. 18th + Nov. 14-21st 2012) in history. Get involved in the coordinations on the International Student Movement platform – no matter where you are!

Overview of education protests worldwide – June 10-15th 2012 (FLYER): (.pdf, 2.5MB)
-> simply print in duplex and fold in the middle.

A previous overview was also published for September 2011.
This page will be updated as the month continues. Latest news are always posted on the global ISM fb page.
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