In one week starts in Istanbul the next European Socialforum ( ESF ). It will last from 1.-4. July. The actual economic, social and ecological crises of global capitalism will be central themes – also the fights against all forms of social cuts( ” We will not pay for their crisis”). We will have to  discuss about EUROPEWIDE actions: national fights alone are -as we can see- not enough. Necessary is a close cooperation between trade unions and social movements – for example a common ” March to Brussel” in autemn. And we can learn from other continents where is no ” chinese wall ” between social and enviromental questions.

The newest carnage of the Israelian government and army against the “Gaza Freedom Flotille” and the general israelian politics of repression and occupation against  Palestinians will be discussed in many ways.

There will  be seminars about the -international- rise of the far right and how to oppose it.

And there will be many discussions about the destruction of the environment through the capitalist mode of production and consumption and possible alternatives : “From the alternative summit in Copenhagen over Cochabamba ( ” Save mother earth”)  to the alternative summit in Cancun”( end of Novembre / beginning of Decembre)

On June 30th the International Women March is organizing a big meeting.

On Saturday July 3rd there will be a giant demonstration through the town.

On Sunday July 4th there will be finally the meeting of the social movements where the next common actions wil be discussed and decided .

ISTANBUL WILL BE EXTREME INTERESTING ! Many people have already decided to go to the ESF. Who wants more informations about the ESF can find it under :

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