Foro Mundial de Educación – Palestina: Registration of self-organized activities

The final deadline for the registration of self-organized activities is September 25th. The final version of your activity must be submitted online before this date. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you choose SUBMIT at the bottom of your form.

Organizations wishing to present an activity, whether a self-organized workshop (at a WEF location), an expanded activity (at a location other than a WEF venue) or a cultural activity, should simply fill up the appropriate online activity registration form.

For information and to submit your activity, First, register your organization for an account on the website: Through this link you will find instructions in 7 steps and a video (in English) to help you create an account and fill out the activities registration forms.

You can view the other registered activities, once logged in (MENU on the right of the main page, registered activities). Please consult the list of activities submitted if you wish to find one with which you could interlink or merge: you will be able to contact its organizers through their user account, and they will be able to contact you in the same way, in order to arrange such a process.

Event structure

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