Civil society caucus proposals to strengthen the Belém Declaration

Read here the recommendations developed by organisations gathered in Belém in the civil society caucus of CONFINTEA VI


1. There needs to be a recognition of the enormous scale of the violation of the fundamental human and social right to adult education of adults and young people. As such CONFINTEA should declare a state of crisis, requiring urgent action. CONFINTEA V1 should recognise basic adult education to be a justiciable human right and should urge all governments to pass legislation to this effect.

2. The education of adults and young people is key to helping people, especially women, (who are worst affected) to cope with all types of crises (food, fuel, finance, conflict or climate), enabling them to shape a sustainable future and to work towards gender equality and justice. Popular education is key to the renewal of adult learning as a means to social and political transformation. (More …)

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