Second International Congress of Geography Education (ICGE-2019)

The second International Congress of Geography Education (ICGE-2019) invites geographers, educators and other academics in related fields, social workers, policy makers and other professionals to send original research abstracts and case studies formatted according to the given format. The Congress will be held on 3-5 October 2019 in Eski?ehir, Turkey, under the theme “Powerful Geography Education, Powerful Future” by Eski?ehir Osmangazi University.
There is no limitation about topics in congress even we declare some sub-topics in geography education, physical geography and human geography in this announcement. Moreover, everyone who works or studies in other disciplines of academia, or teachers can submit papers or submit to join only as listeners.
Especially during the last two decades, most of the problems between human, environment and space are thought to originate from a lack of significance of geography in the educational system and in daily life. This causes insufficient knowledge, skills and action for the events that affect people and their lives. The tendencies about the future indicate that more events will affect human life in the future if the relationship between human, environment and space is not dealt with seriously and properly. In this respect Powerful Geography approach can help to organize a better and Powerful Future for human and also for the Earth as geography focuses on how to live with harmony and not to dominate the environment and space.
On the other hand, it seems that the place of geography and geography education in public institutions in different countries have become weaker dramatically in recent years. But as geography educators and geographers we believe that the next century and the next generations will face serious environmental and spatial problems. Thus we invite people in geography and all related fields to submit papers, posters or workshops on any topics related to the theme “Powerful Geography Education, Powerful Future”. The Congress theme is interdisciplinary in nature and broad enough to cover a range of interdisciplinary and disciplinary areas such as geopolitics, geology, sociology, international relations, economics, technology, political science, development studies, biology, environmental sciences, etc.
The Language of the Congress
The Congress will have two main languages: Turkish and English. But if there are enough submission in other languages like Russian and Arabic there can be open sessions in these languages too.
We look forward to seeing you in Eski?ehir, Turkey on 3-5 October, 2019.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us in any case via ,
Sincerely Yours,
Prof. Dr. Eyüp Artvinli
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